When I say to my clients “if you could be the author of your life moving forward and you could write the next chapter, what would you write”?

Some answers are quite funny however most often it’s “I don’t know”!

I believe there’s several reasons people get stuck on their current page. Writers Block perhaps! Literally … blocks like fear, doubt, procrastination, self-limiting beliefs, lack of confidence, hurt and just simply not knowing how.

Sometimes I think it’s an easy plan for people to quit before they ever start. It’s easier not to try than the thought of trying and failing, being rejected, or hurt. My husband Kirby always says “you’ll learn more by your failures than by your successes”.

I like to help people move forward on their next chapters by helping them discover all the inner strengths, gifts and talents they already have but never sourced out to there fullest potential. To Enhance their self-belief system. Helping my clients uncover the powerful spirit inside them is like stirring up the embers and watching their spirit ignite. A wonderful sight to witness ?

Today take some time, be the author and write out your next chapter in your mind. Watch it unfold in your imagination. I promise this small action step will be more powerful than you can ever know. A step you won’t regret.

I lift each one of you reading this today, in prayer, and ask that you find the courage to engage the inner spirit and imagination to start writing your next chapter. Make it great!

Blessings ?

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